Spirit's Stories of


Size: Short story; 3,729 words; 23K
Main Characters: Supergirl and Cat Grant
Setting: After the episode "Red Faced"
Synopsis: Supergirl slips up, and Cat takes advantage. Or does she? I wrote this story before the episode "Hostile Takeover" aired, so any similarity between that episode and my story is coincidental.
We're All Powerless
Size: Short story; 2,569 words; 15K
Main Characters: Supergirl
Setting: After the episode "Human for a Day"
Synopsis: Supergirl has a quiet conversation with a grieving woman.
Join the Club
Size: Short story; 3,131 words; 19K
Main Characters: Supergirl, Cat Grant, James Olsen, Winn Schott
Setting: After the episode "Blood Bonds"
Synopsis: When Kara fails to answer Cat's summons, Cat goes in search of Kara and finds more than she bargained for.
Size: Short-short story; 1,313 words; 9K
Main Characters: Alex Danvers and Maxwell Lord
Setting: During the episode "Blood Bonds"
Synopsis: Maxwell Lord is a douchebag. Alex tells him all about his douchebaggery.
Reality TV
Size: Short story; 3,630 words; 22K
Main Characters: Supergirl and Winn Schott
Setting: Soon after the episode "Childish Things"
Synopsis: Kara and Winn have to save National City, but they also find time to discuss Winn's feelings for Kara.
Night Shift
Size: Short-short story; 1,198 words; 8K
Main Characters: Winn Schott and Cat Grant
Setting: Immediately after the episode "Strange Visitor From Another Planet"
Synopsis: Cat finds Winn working the night shift, and Winn finds that Cat has more wisdom than he ever gave her credit for.
Conference Call
Size: Short story; 4,369 words; 28K
Main Characters: Kara Danvers, Lena Luthor, and Cat Grant
Setting: Some time during the second season
Synopsis: Fanfic challenge! This is the first chapter, you write the rest! Kara/Cat and/or Kara/Lena. Action and adventure. At a conference held by the League of Women Business Owners, someone attacks either Cat or Lena, but they don't know which one is the real target. Kara, covering the conference as a reporter, gets some quality bonding time with both women.

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