Spirit's Stories From All Other Areas

Listed in the order I wrote them.

To Sail Beyond the Sunset
Fandom: Voyagers
Size: Short-short story; 868 words; 6K
Notes: I wrote this story years before I learned what a complete jackass Christopher Columbus was, so this story takes place in an alternate universe where he was a nice guy.
A Dog's Life
Size: Short story; 2,013 words; 13K
Notes: I can't say anything, because it's a surprise.

Anakin Got Run Over by a Sith Lord, a Star Wars Christmas filk.

Living Memories
Fandom: InuYasha
Size: Short story; 6,438 words; 39K
Main Characters: Kikyo and Kagome
Notes: The two who are one.
Innocence Lost
Fandom: The Bionic Woman (the 2007 remake)
Size: Novelette; 8,603 words; 52K
Notes: Sorry, I can't give anything away on this one. But it's a lot of fun!

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